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Crossreach is the official outreach project of the Church of Scotland's Social Care Council. It provides care and support through more than 70 services stretching from Shetland to Ayrshire, Inverness to the Borders. The main service areas are:      
Children and Families
Counselling  & Support
Criminal Justice
Homeless People
Learning Disabilities
Mental  Health
Older People
Substance Misuse            
Crossreach reports annually to General Assembly. It responds to issues through appropriate channels such as the Scottish Executive, Church & Society Council and others nationally. It employs over 2,000 staff across the country.

The Crossreach Prayer Letter gives some idea of the scale of the work and is available three times per year - copies can be obtained by request through our church representative Dr John Taylor.

Mollie Ross, Eleanor Dale, Jean Strachan and Marie Kean are presently accepting orders for Crossreach Calendars and Cards until 28th October. Delivery will be sometime after 5th November.  Catalogues are still available at back of the church. Cards and Calendars from Crossreach and Save the Children will be on sale on Sunday 17th November.

We encourage you to understand and learn more about Crossreach, and support their important outreach work.