Welcome Teams

Due to the current Covid 19 pandemic, the Welcome Teams are suspended at the moment.  We are working on a limited Team from Sunday 04 October 2020.  If you are interested in volunteering to be part of a Welcome Team during the current government restrictions, please contact Liz Howlett on (t) 07768 004351 or (e) lizhowlett1@btinternet.com


Notes of Guidance For The Members of the Welcome Teams
1. Two members of the Welcome Team should report for duty at 9.10am when there is a 9.30am service and 6.10 when there is a 6.30 service. All members should report for duty at 10.30am for the 11am service
2. The Team leader should read the Orders of Service to check whether copies of Songs of God’s People require to be handed out
3. Members of the Team should be in the vestibule to welcome members as they arrive and to hand over the Order of Service (and Songs of God’s People, monthly church notices etc, as appropriate). Visitors, having been welcomed, should be assisted in finding a seat in the church. As the sanctuary fills up it may be useful to deploy one or two members of the team inside the sanctuary to help people find seats. The members on the inner door should ensure that this door is closed to after use to conserve heat.
4. During cold and or windy weather the central doors between the vestibule and the sanctuary should be kept closed and members and visitors should be directed to the sanctuary by either of the two side doors
5. Visitors for baptisms should be directed to seats at the front of the Church. The Beadle will show the Baptismal family – parents, baby and godparents – to the reserved seats at the front
6. The Team Leader will distribute the Offering Bags or Plates to members of the Team and allocate the areas from which they are to collect the offering.
7. The front doors of the Church will be closed but not locked when the last verse of the first hymn is being sung. Members of the Congregation should be advised not to leave anything of value in the vestibule.
8. The Offering will be uplifted when indicated, starting normally at the front of the Sanctuary (including the Choir). Members will carry the Offerings to the Communion Table at the end of the hymn that is being sung. When all offerings have been placed on the Communion Table they will retire.
9. After the service ALL members of the Team will meet with the “Banker” in the Session Room to count and record the Offering. For security, one member of the Team will accompany the Banker to the Bank to deposit the Offering.
10. The Banker (or a designated member from the team) is responsible for ensuring that lights are switched off and locking up the church. The Banker should pass on the keys to the next week’s Banker