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Thank You to Lyle Kirk from Lydia at St Andrew’s


World Mission enews: 17 December 2014

Neshangwe News- October 2014

Spectacular Viking treasure hoard found on Church land - Church of Scotland

WM Update - The situation in Gaza

Faith in the Face of Empire: The Bible through Palestinian Eyes

Neshangwe News – April 2014

Ireland; United Kingdom: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales — World Council of Churches

Update from Susiya

World Mission enews: 18 December 2013

Cold, Snow and Damages - Erella's Report form South Mt. Hebron

Sad News From Grassroots

Presbytery Faithshare Visit To Zimbabwe 

Presbytery Visit To Zimbabwe – PDF 

Message from Bulawayo

Cathrine Nicol – award 

St Andrews Sunday School in Bulawayo 

St Columba RTC, Sialkot, Pakistan

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Stamp out Leprosy

Links with China