Sunday School & Creche
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Saturday 29th February, fun celebrating World Book Day.  Children came dressed as their favourite
characters. Children completed some quizzes and word searches relating to books, made bookmarks,
cards and wooden puppets. We stand songs and found clues which were hidden to guess the book.


Saturday 29th February, Books for adults and children to start a lending library.  All the books are Christian based.
Pam Stewart


Sunday 22nd December Nativity Play, as usual some great performances,  especially by the
young ones!


Lyle Kirk Sunday School held Noisy Offerings to raise money for Christian Aid's Charity Gifts

Thank-you to everyone at Lyle Kirk for raising £720!!

Over the Easter period the children grabbed their buckets and headed out into the congregation
who dropped in their loose change. Over 3 weeks they collected  £720....what a great result. 

At Sunday School today the children decided how the money should be spent, as follows:

2 Cows @ £150 each

1 Nanny Goat @ £22

1 Pair of Chickens @ £8 

2 Sheep @ £10 each

1 Pair of Piglets @ £22

3 Water pumps @ £30 each

1 Hook, Line and Dinner fisherman training @ £13

1 Pack of 5 Mosquito nets @ £15

2 Mobile Health Clinics which allows vaccinations for a whole village @ £115 each


Every gift supports Christian Aid"s work and helps transform lives around the world


Sunday 3rd December. What a wonderful performance by all the kids at Lyle Kirk's Nativity Service. Although not
in photo we were also treated to lovely bell ringing to the tune of Glory Glory Glory Be!
Reporter amd Photographer Adrian Howlett


The children in St Andrews Sunday school in Zimbabwe sent a lovely cloth gift to the children featuring animals.  We have displayed it on our wall along with a photo of the children with the cards we made for them


The last Sunday School gathering (24th June) before the summer recess following prize giving and a great musical performance.


Sunday School Photos - February 2018


Sunday School Photos - April


Well we are continuing to learn about the Lords Prayer at Sunday School. On Sunday 31st January we had pictures they had to colour in, then the children had to decide what order they went in. We had great fun. Pictures are now displayed on our wall in the hall - come and have a look!

A wee photo of what the children in Sunday School made this morning. (17th January) They were learning the Lords Prayer


At Lyle Kirk Sunday School we aim to let the children have fun while learning about God and the Christian life. We are taking characters from the bible and relaying stories about them and then making crafts. So far we have talked about Noah when we created a large wall mounted picture, then it was onto Joseph where they made multi coloured coats, boats and dream catchers, then it was the time for the Holiday Club (see separate article) and the children learned about Moses making all sorts of crafts such as wriggly snakes and baskets.

Sunday School starts at 11am and runs for an hour every Sunday of the year. The age range is 3 - 12. We also have a crèche for the younger ones.

We would love to start up a teen group and will be looking into this in the near future.

Any questions please don't hesitate to contact me by e-mail


As well as the children coming along we would love to see more adult helpers. What we really need is enough people to start a rota for every month so the more names we have the less chance you have of being roped in. It would be great to have rota for every month letting the leaders (Jan, Helen and myself) have a wee break. All the helpers are required to do is help the children, be there as an extra pair of hands and eyes. The leader for that month will do the preparation. We would never ask you to do anything you felt uncomfortable about.


Think about it and pray about it. I am sure God will help us with this one.


Pamela Stewart